Diversified exposure to over $800 million in commercial property.

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The Oyster Direct Property Fund is an unlisted commercial property fund which aims to provide investors with a stable monthly income stream, combined with the potential for capital growth, through investing in a diversified portfolio of quality property assets.

This PIE fund targets a portfolio weighted towards major urban locations, quality tenants and long leases across the office, retail and industrial asset classes, in a single investment vehicle.

The minimum investment is NZ$10,000 with both distributions and redemptions requests payable monthly.

Oyster Management Limited is the issuer of units in the Oyster Direct Property Fund. If you would like to invest, please register your interest to obtain a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement.

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Past performance is no indication or guarantee of future performance. For further details please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement. Prospective investors are recommended to seek professional advice from an Authorised Financial Adviser which takes into account their personal circumstances before making an investment decision.

Unit price history

Distribution: Apr – Jun 2021
6.3 cents per unit per annum, payable monthly.

Unit Price
as at 31 Mar 2021


Brodie Pritchard

New investment enquiries

Brodie Pritchard
Equity Raising Executive
021 104 7244
Rich Lyons

New investment enquiries

Rich Lyons
Capital Sourcing Manager
021 841 960
Emmy Mitchell

Existing investment enquiries

Emmy Mitchell
Investor Relations
021 347 089

Distribution reinvestment plan

A function of the Oyster Direct Property Fund is the ability for investors to subscribe to the Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP). This reinvestment plan provides investors with the opportunity to have their monthly cash distributions reinvested into the fund as units in lieu of taking their monthly distribution. Once in the DRP, investors can then opt out at any time and begin taking distributions again.

In signing up to the DRP, investors can continue to build their investment by acquiring further units in the fund. It also removes the need to find somewhere to invest the income from the fund while growing your capital investment.

If you are interested in the reinvesting your distributions, please read the below Distribution Reinvestment Plan, fill in the corresponding Participation Notice and return to


A feature of the Oyster Direct Property Fund is the ability for investors to redeem their units. The repayment price is the unit price at the end of the relevant month less any tax owing by the investor.

If an investor wants to redeem less than their full holding of units, they will need to hold at least $10,000 worth of units after the redemption is processed. All redemption requests received by Oyster by 3pm three business days prior to the last calendar day of a month will be processed that month.

If you wish to redeem your units, fill in the corresponding Redemption Request form and return to Note: redemptions will be limited to the monthly available funds (see the PDS for more details).

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Once you have registered your interest, you will receive a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement. At present, the fund is not accepting new applications for investments.